Discussion Group Guidelines


Preparing your Lesson

• Take time to thoughtfully read and reflect on the passages of scripture in each lesson.
• Resist the temptation to use commentaries or Bible study notes as you answer the
• Seek instead to let God speak directly to you through His Word.
• If you are new to Bible study, do as much of each lesson as you are able and feel free to
bring your questions to the group.
• Questions are always welcome. Ask them freely both as you prepare your lesson and
participate in your group.
• Allow the scriptures to transform your life as you put into practice the new things God
teaches you.

Preparing for Discussion

• Timely arrival avoids disrupting the group discussion in progress.
• Group members who come with thoughtfully completed lessons and a willingness to
share insights appropriately are valuable to a group.
• Resisting the temptation to talk too much allows others to share valuable insights.
• Resisting the temptation to say nothing allows others to hear a shy member’s valuable
• Group discussions will be strengthened as people avoid using theological or
philosophical terms that are not understood by everyone in the group.
• Group discussions are not the place to promote personal or business agendas.
• Any personal information shared in the group is confidential. Group members listen
carefully. They pray and support one another without trying to solve problems.