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Carla Freeman and June Michealsen collaborated to write these studies . As friends in a community Bible study, through prayer, God led them to begin creating their own study materials in 1997.

They share a love and passion for the Word of God, and their desire is that others would discover the life-giving power of God’s Word.  The study materials have been designed with the goal of personal transformation rather than merely providing information.

They were led to start a project of translating the lessons into German.  The number of groups using the studies in Germany and the United States has grown over the years.  The studies have allowed many to receive personal insight, direction and encouragement from God’s Word.

Each of the individual studies is available in PDF format and is divided into 22-24 lessons, except Paul’s letters, which contain 6-9 lessons.

These studies may be downloaded at no cost and shared with others.  Please do not charge for these materials or alter them in any form without seeking written permission from “CFJM Bible Studies.”  It has been a joy for June and Carla to create these materials.  If you wish to express appreciation, please donate to the charity of your choice, or contribute to one of their favorite charities listed below.


  • LCC International University. (A liberal arts Christian university in Lithuania)
  • World Vision. (A Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide)
  • Opportunity International.  (A non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poor break the cycle of poverty by providing small business loans and training.)